Tiny portable air compressor launches from Xiaomi

Xiaomi produces a wide range of Gadgets and the tiny portable air compressor looks functional and easy to use

Xiaomi besides smartphones produces many kinds of Gadget, like a tiny portable air compressor. Thus in India it appeared a portable air compressor, where it is a black device with dimensions that refer more to power bank (124 x 71 x 45.3 mm) which inside it hides a battery of 2,000 mAh.

According to Xiaomi it has the ability to inflate five car tires and takes about six minutes each. It has an LCD screen that reflects the pressure while it is made of ABS plastic. The device has been made available for the time being through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform at the special price of 2,299 rupees (approximately 26.80 euros).

tiny air compressor

But first there is a condition for this to become a reality since at least 4,000 orders will have to be collected. It’s certainly a rather realistic goal based on the campaign trail so far. It remains unknown at this time whether he will also appear in the West.

Xiaomi is also active in other markets that most people don’t even imagine. If you take a look at Xiaomi’s product range in all markets around the world, then you will discover, if anything, some particularly interesting devices, as the Chinese company has occasionally produce practically everything -from folding bikes and electric kettles, to plant sensors and sunglasses.


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