Uber app stops working on Apple Watch

Uber appears to have canceled support for Apple Watch, which allowed users to quickly request rides, as well as access information such as your driver’s vehicle, estimated arrival time, and the location of your trip in real time.

According to Apple Insider, the app launcher will simply give the following message: “Please go to the Uber mobile app. We no longer support the Apple Watch app. Sorry for the inconvenience,” followed by a crying emoji.

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Surprisingly, the app is still available for download, Uber’s help page still mentions it as if it were functional, and there’s even a little blurb in Apple’s App Store, explaining how convenient the app is.

Specifically, this change only affects people who installed and used the Uber app on your Apple Watch. When you take a walk from your iPhone, you should continue to receive notifications on your Apple Watch as before.

The Apple Watch app also lost other features like Uber Pool, Split Fare, Share My ETA, and Contact Driver. Judging by the effort Uber put into this farewell message, most users realize that they have been disappointed with all these changes.

As for the company’s competitor Lyft, the company discontinued the Apple Watch app even earlier, in 2018.

source: mashable.com


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