Upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro Mini hands-on video

And while Google’s new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models are expected, there is no complete review of the upcoming devices so far. Google doesn’t reveal many secrets about its upcoming products, but this time the new information was given with the dropper.

Of course there have been leaks in recent weeks and the company itself has already given us a lot of new information, but what has been missing so far is a hands-on video with an original.

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The video is only 8 seconds long, but shows a device that looks very much like the upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro in black. You can see the different shades of gray and black, the triple rear camera, button placements, and the “Welcome to your Pixel” message on the front screen.

For the strange logo on the back, it just hints that it’s an early prototype, and so Google is trying to hide that the device in question is some new phone of its own. But the unique camera sub-frame we know is a design feature of the new Pixel’s.

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