Use Windows 11 from anywhere with a subscription

The service called Windows 365 offers a Windows 11 license with a monthly subscription, bringing us one step closer to the vision of the cloud PC. With a simple Internet connection one will be able to use a system running Windows 11.

This service will start to be available to the public from 2 August in two different versions, one will be Windows 365 Business and the other Windows 365 Enterprise. The service will be based on Azure Virtual Desktop, with each user having access to their own version of the virtual PC, regardless of the operating system of the system they use to get on the Internet and be able to use the Windows 365 service.

Windows 11 subscription
Windows 365, your Cloud PC

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With this service one will be able to have a Windows 11 PC even if it uses an Android smartphone. Microsoft gave no information on how much the monthly subscription to Windows 365 will cost, which is expected to happen soon. Also, as with Windows 11, virtual Windows PC will get the corresponding updates when they are available.


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