Viber advices for secure message communication

The popular Viber service, advices giving seven ways for safer communication. As experts in the popular app say, it all starts with using a secure app and checking some simple settings. In particular, messaging app users report:

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  • Use end-to-end encryption: You don’t want anyone else to see your messages other than their recipient, do you? End-to-end encryption takes care of this. If available, every 1-to-1 message or group chat and any personal call you make is not accessible by anyone other than the recipients. Some applications, such as Viber, have the default end-to-end encryption, while others need to start an encrypted conversation or enable encryption from the settings.
  • Make your messages disappear: When you want to send sensitive information, such as a PIN code or a credit card number, you want it to disappear soon once it is received. That’s why there are self-destruct messages where allow you to choose how long a recipient can see a message, starting at 10 seconds and reaching up to 24 hours. In Viber, if someone decides to take a screen photo with a self-destruct message, the other side receives a notification to be aware of the incident.
  • Protect conversations with a PIN code: It’s never a bad idea to add another layer of security. In Viber, PIN codes can hide any kind of conversation except communities. This ensures that your personal or business conversations are always protected, even if someone else is using your device.
  • Edit and delete messages to anyone: Sending the wrong message to the wrong person can embarrass you, but it can also be a threat to your safety. That’s why the ability to erase something you sent to anyone is a basic safeguard. Just do it before the other side sees it.

  • Adjust your situation: What you do is your personal matter, even if you’re just talking about being online and reading your messages. Sometimes you only want to read what your friends and family are sending without answering. When you’re on vacation, you may want to check what’s going on at work without everyone knowing you’re online. In any case, controlling which part of your actions appears is a basic security feature.
  • Know your security settings: Your date of birth and photo are two of the most basic personal information items, and sometimes you and your friends may want to see them for yourself. It is a matter of privacy, but also security, as the date of birth can be used to break the protection of many online services and systems. Choose whether you want this data to be shared with everyone who comes into contact with you.
  • Hide your number in conversations initiated by communities: Communities are a way to find new people with common interests to chat with.
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