What’s the reactions about by Apple’s 4 new iPhones ?

Apple’s event ended yesterday and the tech community’s reactions to the new iPhone 12 are interesting with 4 new iPhones were unveiled. The iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, as well as the HomePod mini, a mini speaker that promises outstanding audio performance.

The unveiling, which this year due to a pandemic did not take place in September, was expected with great interest from the world of technology, while for another year the leaks of the previous space were confirmed, almost to the absolute extent: both for the fact that four models would be revealed and for the passage of Apple smartphones in the 5G era.

The tech community devoted enough time, and just as many texts to the iPhone 12 and its siblings (bigger and smaller). Many saw with a positive eye the changes made to the devices, others not so much, while the most positive comments probably obtained the iPhone mini, which exceeded the… obstacles that the American giant itself may have put in previous years in the “small” models it launched on the market.

reactions about new iPhones
What’s the reactions about by Apple’s 4 new iPhones ?

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The Wall Street Journal in its own article discusses a number of smartphones with the most significant design change in the last three years. It stands in support for high-speed 5G mobile networks, but also in the “mini” model for those who feel that these increasingly large mobile phones make it difficult for users to hold. It is also noted that one thing is certain: Apple has taken an important step towards renewal on its mobile phones this year.

The website cnet.com focuses on the fact that series 12 is the last before iPhones pass… in adolescence, having the first major design renewal since 2017. This year more models are available to the public and of course 5G wireless support throughout the range. In fact, special reference is made to the MagSafe wireless charging system, which makes it easier for users.

The techradar.com also paid special attention to 5G, which has already appeared on Android devices, but is the first time it will be used by an iPhone and even in its entire range. At the same time, reference is made to the significant improvement made in the field of camera, with night shooting becoming clearly better.

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