WhatsApp with multi-device support on iPhone

WhatsApp development team is preparing to release the long-awaited multi-device support on iPhones. This feature is currently in trial mode, but is available for those who participate in the latest version of the WhatsApp app on iPhone.

In essence, WhatsApp’s new multi-device support will allow users to use the app either on a computer or in a browser, without the need to connect your phone number online.

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In order for users to test the multi-device support feature, they need to update their WhatsApp to version This version of the app is currently available in Apple’s App Store and can be downloaded using this link.

To participate in the trial mode, you must follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Select settings and then select Connected devices.
  • Click on the Multi-Device Beta section and press Join.
  • Once you accept your membership, you will be logged out of your current connected devices and will need to log in again by filling in your details.

When you connect a new device, it is quite possible that you will need to scan the QR code twice. Then, the messages will sync with your computer – the sync time will vary depending on the size of your message history.

Once your data is over sync, you’ll be ready to use WhatsApp on your connected device even if your iPhone is turned off.

Please note that you can only connect 4 devices at once, which must be either desktop/laptop macOS or Windows, or tablet, not smartphone.


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