Why SpaceX Starlink satellites fall to earth? Video

About over 40 Starlink satellites are expected to fall on Earth as they were knocked out due to a geomagnetic storm. The space phenomenon has had a significant impact on satellites, resulting in widespread problems and decommissioning.

Despite the company’s efforts to redirect the satellites to orbit and minimize drag, the company estimates that more than 40 of the satellites will eventually “burn” in earth’s atmosphere and will not reach their planned orbit.

These satellites were launched last Thursday with a SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket and were to be put into orbit about 210 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

However, scientists have expressed concerns about the low orbit of satellite deployment, with a recent study reporting that they cause alterations in the images of telescopes. Astronomers have warned that this could prevent them from detecting dangerous asteroids.

Starlink satellites fall to earth

The Starlink project is SpaceX micro-satellites that are used to provide satellite internet. “Up to 40 satellites will return or have already returned to Earth’s atmosphere, with no risk of collision with other satellites,” Starlink assured in a statement.

Video from YouTube channel VideoFromSpace

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