Will Galaxy Z Fold 3 have under display camera?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is estimated to have a camera under display, with most rumors agreeing on this. This practically means that this particular model will be Samsung’s first with this feature.

Various Internet sources express differing views on whether Samsung’s decision to put the camera under the Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen is welcome or not. Those who express a positive view believe that this will give more space to view content in the foldable, while those who express their objections believe that the technology is not yet as good as in other punch hole or notch implementations.

Therefore, those who do not agree with this solution believe that there is a quality issue in photography.

Fold 3 display camera

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The issue that arises and concerns is not so much in the field of photo selfies as in the execution of video calls. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will eventually make this move with its new model.


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