Windows 11: First official preview is released

Microsoft has released the first preview version of the new Windows 11 and the news for the tech world is more than good. All Windows Insiders can download the Windows 11 preview, which includes access to the brand new Start menu and the revamped Microsoft Store.

Despite the leaks so far and speculation, the official trial version has also updated File Explorer, which comes to further simplify file management. Microsoft gave us the first glances at the new operating system last week, with aesthetic interventions having so far stolen all eyes.

Perhaps the new central Start menu, which is redesigned, and the obvious improvements in all elements stand out. Even the corners of the windows are now rounded. The trial includes many more of the things Microsoft has promised us, including new Windows 11 themes, new Widgets, and improved dark/light mode.

Windows 11 preview

But the two biggest changes are missing, the features that everyone is anxiously waiting for, namely the integration of Microsoft Teams into Windows, but also the new feature where Android apps will run in a Windows environment.

Both are still in development and testing and will appear in subsequent trial versions. In addition to the new Windows 11, Microsoft is also bringing brave changes to the new Office.

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