Windows 11 place great emphasis on gaming

Windows 11 was officially announced by Microsoft through a digital event, which contained many surprises. As the company’s official page notes, “Windows 11 offers a calm and creative space where you can deal with what you like through a new experience.”

At the beginning, a Windows 11 trailer was introduced, which introduces users to the new operating system and shows certain functions as well as the appearance of the operating system that is a little reminiscent of Apple’s MacOS operating system. The user-known “start” is now in the center of the taskbar. An aesthetic change that is immediately perceived are the rounded corners of the windows.

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Microsoft in the design of Windows 11 put a lot of emphasis on the gaming part in an effort to bring the game even closer to its consoles (Xbox) and Windows. Windows 11 promises players better performance and more impressive graphics with Auto-HDR.

With this feature even games that are not designed for new screens will show better colors and contrasts with HDR display. The specific feature that exists in the new Xbox solves the hands of developers as everything is done automatically through the software.

At the same time, Direct Storage comes directly from consoles in Windows. This allows games to send direct data from SSDs to GPUs. Simply put, this means infinitesimal loading screens and new opportunities for developers.

Xbox Game Pass also comes to Windows 11. This is gaming “like Netflix” as basically the user does not buy the games but pays a monthly subscription and has access to a huge range of games.

The Microsoft presentation placed particular emphasis on how the user interacts with the operating system. It seems that a special basis has been given to devices operating with a touch screen or with the “special pen”. There’s even a new on-screen keyboard with even better performance.

The final release date of the operating system has not been revealed but we know that the upgrade from Windows 10 will be free, as long as your computer has the minimum specifications. Microsoft announced that the upgrade requires 64bit CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

The user is given even more options for multitasking, as he chooses from a wide variety of patterns how to separate his screen and not only has the options to split his screen in half or in four squares. At the same time, the experience of using multiple monitors seems to have been significantly improved.

In terms of the interaction with widgets, the user will be able to set up the screen according to his needs and add or remove these useful tools, just as he can do with his smartphone menu. It can choose from a wide range of options including weather widgets, calendars, stock market indices, lists of things to do and more.

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