Windows 11: Which processors are supported

Windows 11 is expected to support a tighter range of processors and the most likely release time will be at the end of the year – or early in the new year – in the form of a free upgrade for Windows 10 users.

However, several Windows 10 users who, using Microsoft’s free PC Health Check tool, discovered that their computer’s hardware does not meet the minimum requirements.

This justified confusion seems to be due to the not-so-explanatory information on the minimum requirements on the official Windows 11 website and the lack of relevant information during the official presentation of the operating system.

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For processors, Windows 11 will therefore only support Intel Core processors from the 8th generation and above, as well as the corresponding Pentium, Celeron, and Apollo Lake processors. This means that Microsoft has decided to… potentially exclude millions of Windows 10 devices from full Windows 11 support, including its own expensive machine, surface studio 2, costing $3,499.

However, as The Verge argues, older devices that are not officially supported will receive a warning when you install Windows 11 that the upgrade is not recommended, but the installation of the new operating system will proceed normally.

For AMD processors, Windows 11 will officially support only AMD Ryzen 2000-series or newer processors as well as 2nd generation EPSYC or later processors. You can find the full list of Intel and AMD processors on the relevant Microsoft web pages.

Intel processors

Intel Core 8th Gen (Coffee Lake)
Intel Core 9th Gen (Coffee Lake Refresh)
Intel Core 10th Gen (Comet Lake)
Intel Core 10th Gen (Ice Lake)
Intel Core 11th Gen (Rocket Lake)
Intel Core 11th Gen (Tiger Lake)
Intel Xeon Skylake-SP
Intel Xeon Cascade Lake-SP
Intel Xeon Cooper Lake-SP
Intel Xeon Ice Lake-SP

AMD processors

AMD Ryzen 2000
AMD Ryzen 3000
AMD Ryzen 4000
AMD Ryzen 5000
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2000
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3000
AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3000
AMD EPYC 2nd Gen
AMD EPYC 3rd Gen

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Microsoft points out that processor generation requirements are a soft floor limit for the Windows 11 installer. This may mean that the installer will allow the operating system to be installed even on systems that have an older processor installed, but it is not certain that these systems will be supported in the long run.


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