World most powerful supercomputer againts coronavirus

IBM Summit which is the most powerful supercomputer in the world will take action to combat coronavirus. IBM’s powerful computer analyzes data at lightning pace. In fact, Summit managed to bring some first results within 1-2 days, which on other computers might have taken months.

The Summit has processing power of up to 200 petaflops, thanks to its 4068 knots. In fact, each node is equipped with two IBM POWER9 processors and six Nvidia Tensorcore V100 graphics cards.

IBM’s supercomputer is located in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy. Thanks to its unprecedented power, it is said to revolutionize areas such as energy, health and AI.

supercomputer coronavirus

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Currently, Summit simulates thousands of compounds to identify those associated with the coronavirus protein, which allows the virus to infect the host’s cells. Center for Molecular Biophysics director Jeremy Smith, though he was thrilled with the progress of IBM’s supercomputer, also wanted to mitigate expectations.

These results don’t mean we’ve found the cure. However, we hope that the computational findings will help future studies and provide a framework where tests become more targeted, using specific chemical compounds. Only then will we find out if any of them have characteristics that could limit the virus.


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