World record for data transmission speed in Japan

A world record in data transmission speed was recorded in Japan demonstrating that fiber optic technology still has a long way to go as new techniques help improve existing structures.

A new technology has helped scientists transfer data to a 3,000km optical cable at speeds of 319 terabits per second, smashing the record of 178 Tb/s. It is also important to mention that this technology is compatible with existing infrastructure.

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record for data transmission

This research used an optical cable containing four optical fibers instead of one, which is considered standard today to avoid distortion of the signal over long distances. The technology is called wavelength-division multiplexing and it is the beam of a laser which divides the signal into 552 channels as it sends it to the 4 optical fibers. Every 70 kilometers there is a signal amplifier to keep casualties to a minimum.

The average data rate for all four optical fibers was 580 gigabits per second, while the record speed of 319 Tb/s was reached at a maximum wavelength of 552 channels. The team will continue to work on improving transmission capability and extending distance.


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